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We are now getting involved with promotion packages! If you would like us to promote your shows and help build crowds contact us Let's see what works for you and lets get things rolling NOW! 

​​We are working to make sure 2017 is THE YEAR for the scene. As are many other sites who share the same love for the independent musicians. There are tons of internet stations waiting for more music, many services waiting to sign more artists up for great things, and so much more. Here at we have many many ideas in the air as we speak which will become reality this year. We encourage you to stop by the site, take your time looking through it and start sending your music/bio's and more to those waiting to help! Nothing lands in the lap of an Independent artist, we work, we work hard and we build our dreams through our passion and love of music. It's time to take that and share it with the world.
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​             Aron Scott 

Aron Scott  is all "feel" when it comes to his music. Being influenced with the classic 70's rock n roll Aron's style is very appealing to all. He has the drive and is booking tons of shows! Stop by his site and check him out on iTunes


lListen to more from Aron Scott                  EARTHQUAKE

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