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Sick Kidz for Sicks Kids fundraiser is in its 8th year. This day comedy and music come together and money is raised for Tender Wishes which is a foundation for children suffering from terminal illness, around the Niagara Region of Southern Ontario, Canada.  Feb 9th (click event poster for details.)

The Jay Diem Band is back in Niagara!!! After a long awaited year, the multi award winning Jay Diem Band returns to Niagara to play such hits as "In Clouds", "Sail", and their newest release "Alright By Me(Fallen Soldiers)" which releases on all outlets March 1st!
Be sure to check out the Jay Diem Band on iTunes, Google Music, Spotify, local bar AMI Jukeboxes, as well as all other media outlets, and see you at the show!!!.

Battered Egos just finished recording their latest single "Daddy's Little Girl" at Sessions on the River. This single should be out and released in the next few weeks.

​Road Waves - Booked the studio at the end of November for our second album which will be entitled Red Sun Rising.
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                        Plaid on Flannel

Interview between biographer Amanda Tulk and Nolan Randall:

I would like start with the question when did you know music was it for You?

I was 14 years old on a class trip to Niagara Falls when I listened to Nirvana's Nevermind over and over again on a CD player while on a bus. I memorized every nuance and every lyric and discovered it was something I wanted to do. I got heavily into grunge music that year and took up guitar.
In the music you create is grunge the biggest influence? Or is there other genres that you have discovered and loved as much as grunge?
Grunge was the influence that sparked my interests. But then my interests moved into other territories. From the Beatles to Queens Of The Stone Age. The spirit of rock and roll is what has always turned me on the most. And it's always been the kind of music I've continued to cherish and aspire to make. Of course the rock and roll spectrum comes from a wide variety of genres. Genres like Blues, Funk, Folk, Metal, Alternative, Indie Rock, and so on. I love them all.

What was your first experience on stage?

When I was in grade 3, I performed "Hot Crossed Buns" in a school talent show on the recorder. And I messed up the ending. The song is only 3 or 4 notes! But my first real guitar performance wasn't until I was 16. It was in a high school talent show this time. Playing "Another Brick Pt. 2" by Pink Floyd with my first band. We were a 3-piece called Herbal Essences. Wild Wes on drums and Jeremy on bass who is still a good friend of mine. He now plays in a kick-ass metal band called Mokomokai and they're touring western Canada right now. I've seen them at least a dozen times. They're fantastic!

You seem to have a passion for doing it all. Writing playing producing recording. Do you enjoy all aspects of the production?

I love the creative process step by step. There are several stages to my approach. And a lot of it is trail and error. The songs I write are usually heavily edited and tweaked throughout my productions. Trying to give the songs an identity and for them to make sense to me as an avid music observer and listener. I'm a fan 1st and a creator 2nd. I want to create music I would appreciate as a fan. What would my favourite band sound like? I strive for that every time. It is not easy. And I don't always hit the nail on the head every time. It's not like the 60 songs I've recorded are all #1 hits. But I do think all of them are good to some degree. It's crazy because I don't remember some of the songs I did years ago and wonder if I even wrote them. There's some songs I need to bring back. The creative process has always been what keeps me sane and I'm focused on getting better every time. And it's been a rewarding 6 years creatively. Playing live is something I want to do more of and get better at. I only play about a dozen shows a year at the moment. I'm planning to play a lot more electric shows when I assemble my new 
Plaid On Flannel band. And work out the loads of material I have ready to go. The goal is to have a better balance of writing/recording to live performances. With playing live as more of a priority.

Your music has a great vibe. You mention being between line ups. Do you think this plays a role in each different vibe that is achieved in each album?

Thanks for appreciating Plaid On Flannel's vibe. Life is always changing. So what I try to do is adapt to whatever situation I may find myself in. I'm not just talking about music. Evolving as a person is what sets the tone for the evolution of the music I create. Every album I've made has been different. Because they've come out in different parts of my life. I've lived in 4 or 5 different places since starting Plaid On Flannel back in 2011. And every record I've made has it's own sound. Especially since I've improved as a writer, singer, and producer. When I got the band together in 2014, I started writing stuff that would tailor the other musician's strengths. This helped me get to know how our sound works. "Get On!" was a song I originally recorded in 2015 and knew it would work well with the band I had together. And they made it sound even better than I expected it to. I'm carefully putting together a new band that's capable of playing in a lot of styles and vibes. And I expect more evolution from Plaid On Flannel.

What can we expect to see from you in the future?

The future is bright and I'm excited for it. And the most exciting part will always be the music. There's also no business like show business. Of course, I'm in a crossroads right now. Remember I said life is always changing? But I'm at the point in my life where I know what I want. So establishing the new band is going to take some work and patience. I'm in the process of recording my 4th solo album which I've been working on for the better part of 2 years. It will be called "Independency" under the name Plaid On Randall. It should be out by the end of the winter. The LP will have 18 songs.

Is there anything or anyone you would like to add or mention?

I would like to give a shout out to Les, Minas, & Jen for helping Plaid On Flannel and making my songs sound amazing. While also helping me get better at what I do. I can't believe I'm lead singer now. I never took our partnership for granted. Rising Above [EP] and Get On! [EP] were huge achievements and my band from that period will always hold a special place in my heart.

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