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We are accepting sponsors for future performances. If interested, please contact us.

We ARE accepting advertisments for venues,music stores, ect.. If you have a business and would like to advertise here on  we will gladly work with you.

​We are working on some more fun concert events. We had a great run with the mini summer concert series in Niagara Falls, On, Canada. We are looking forward to many more.
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Marlon Chaplin

NEW release

​Marlon is a very diverse, well rounded musician. His music is just amazing. His album "Wanderer By Trade" is part of my daily playlist. Every song is just amazing, so playing the album on repeat happens a lot. If you have a moment, might I suggest giving it a listen and grabbing it. There has been a lot of press reviews, radio interviews and he has been on different Canadian news segmants. His sound is addicting and follows along great with Jack White in the playlist. Very complimenting. 
- Christie Hails


Annabelle & Someone
Annabelle & Someone is a HOT new single Marlon has JUST released! 
Super groove with a classic alternative vibe to it. Very catchy. Click the button above and check it out for yourself! 
Beautiful Music